Athena Analytics



Athena Analytics, the data analytics division of The Athena Advisors,

provides non-profit organisations with expert data analytics to improve, scale and enhance their fundraising operations.

Building on years of expertise working with non-profit organisations, we understand the power data plays in refining, enhancing and scaling up fundraising operations. We also know that non-profit organisations do not always have the capacity to use wealth screening platforms or analyse their fundraising data.

It is why we created Athena Analytics, giving non-profits the insights and analytics they need to better use their data and unleash their fundraising.

Services Include

  • Donors’ Wealth Screening:With this service, we provide you with information on current or prospective  This includes contact information, giving potential, insights on cultivation, communication and stewardship, as well as charitable and political donations to other organisations.
  • Donor Database Full Analysis:With this service, we scan your entire database of donors providing you with an analysis of current donors, identification of missed opportunities, insights on cultivation communication and stewardship and lists of top potential donors.


Our Athena Analytics’ services can help you:

Better understand your existing donors and their motivations to give.


Identify missed opportunities amongst your current donor pool.


Improve your cultivation of current and prospective donors


Improve your communication and stewardship practices.

Meet your fundraising targets and goals.

Inform your fundraising strategy.

How We Do It

We use a wealth screening and fundraising intelligence system called iWave.

The iWave platform aggregates over 40 publicly available data sets on wealth, philanthropic, and biographical information to provide analytical and actionable insights.

We will uncover your top donors, high-net-worth individuals that have a strong affinity with your organisation, major gift prospects, and provide you with other insights and analytics on your donors.

For further information, please contact Jackie Hryncewich, Director, Athena Analytics and Senior Consultant: