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Working with The Athena Advisors helped us swiftly cut through the noise and focus on the essentials of our new fundraising strategy. As a small and busy department, having the guidance and support from Athena’s talented and dedicated team enabled us to develop complex multi-year income and return on investment analysis in order to form a strong evidence base for investment. Detailed step-by-step direction for how to access and maximise income generation in key markets was provided with a robust and reasoned pipeline of donor prospects. The Athena Advisors’ professional but accessible style of presenting and disseminating information secured strong buy-in from senior staff and Trustees. I thoroughly enjoyed our time working together.

John Graham

Director of Partnerships, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Our organization was launching a new initiative, the United States’ first investigative film festival, Double Exposure. We turned to The Athena Advisors to broaden our sources of funding, primarily among foundations. The Athena Advisors took a systematic, thorough, and ultimately successful approach, which effectively doubled the number of foundations supporting this initiative in just a few months. Beyond this, Robin was kind and supportive throughout the process, and has become a longstanding friend of the organization and the festival. 
Diana Jean Schemo

President, 100Reporters | Founder and Co-director, Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival and Symposium

The Athena Advisors has been a true partner. We rely on them to provide in-depth information about prospects, support our fundraising efforts, and point us in the right direction for new initiatives that need to be funded. The Athena Advisors has truly added value and perspective to our team, and continues to be a critical resource for our organization. 
Harry L. Williams

President & CEO, Thurgood Marshall College Fund

I have had the pleasure of working with Robin Heller for over 5 years. In those 5 years I have found her to be bright, understanding, tenacious but thoughtful in all her interaction with me and the team at Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Over those 5 years we developed an engagement strategy with the board of directors, where we meet with them, virtually, twice a year. We discussed how the organization was doing, how I was doing (to make sure the boards voice was being heard), and how they could better serve the organization. Robin sat on every call to make sure we caught all the thoughts of the board and codified them in a document that was shared with both them and the CEO. This created an environment where all board members’ thoughts were heard and where their question and concerns were addressed. It also built an accountability system of the board, by codifying where they could do more to help the organization. Although there is nothing profound in this, I have never seen it done before and work so affectively. Through this work together we built a tremendous working relationship and personal relationship that I will always treasure. Thank you, Robin, for your amazing work and friendship.

Charlie Merinoff

Chairman of the Board, Thurgood Marshall College Fund

As a new non-profit, we were looking for support to better understand the foundation funder landscape. We chose to work with The Athena Advisors because literally everyone we reached out to consistently endorsed them. Robin and her team not only developed a well thought out list of prospects for us, they also delivered a series of very helpful and thought-provoking trainings to our senior leadership team on best practices around fundraising. They have always shown a genuine interest in our work and our success, and have continued to champion us in ways beyond the scope of any engagement we have with them. We consider them true partners; I highly recommend working with The Athena Advisors and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Shannon Bouton

President & CEO, Delterra

From the outset, Athena advisors dived deep to understand the mission and ethos of Aegis Trust, ensuring there was alignment between their team with our staff and board. This proved essential, in order for them to harness Aegis Trust’s strengths and to help communicate more broadly. Robin has built a great team of professionals around her, all of whom are a joy to work with.

James Smith, M.D. and Freddy Mutanguha

Founder and Co-Chair of the Board and CEO, Aegis Trust

We came into contact with The Athena Advisors after they were highly recommended to us by a colleague. We have found their work to be professional, of high quality and very relevant to our needs and complex area of work. Through this collaboration we have increased our strategic approach to resource mobilisation, and highly recommend them to others in the science and NGO sector.

Jakob Lundberg

Deputy Director, Foundation Future Earth, Sweden Hub

We have found The Athena Advisor’s work to be outstanding. Whether devising an online campaign or developing new contacts, The Athena Advisors is a group that you want to have in your corner. Robin Heller has a great reach, authority, and reputation in many categories important to us.

Randall Smith

President, Alfred Friendly Press Partners

Profound. Game-changing. Excellent. These are the words that come to mind when I consider The Athena Advisors’ contributions to the Human Trafficking Legal Center. For more than a decade, Robin Heller has served as an advisor to the organization, sharing her wisdom, her skill, and her passion for justice. Robin and her colleagues bring substantive expertise that cannot be matched. Robin’s sage advice — combined with The Athena Advisors’ meticulous, deep, and careful research — catapulted our development work to an entirely different level.

Martina Vandenberg

Founder and President, The Human Trafficking Legal Center

Athena Advance

(client testimonials)

I have been working with the Athena Advance team, the public relations division at The Athena Advisors, for the past six months to raise my profile, manage my public speaking engagements and secure new publishing deals for my book Rice & Peas and Fish & Chips. The Athena Advance team has been incredible. Not only have they helped me refine my goals and strengthen my messaging as a social justice advocate, but they have also developed bespoke marketing collaterals and assisted me in securing public speaking engagements at law firms and educational institutions across the UK. Working in partnership with me, they are also providing me with the advice, guidance and support I needed for me to re-publish my first non-fiction book, write my second non-fiction book, and continue to advocate for social justice through other publications. I highly recommend working with the Athena Advance team if you are an author who is seeking to raise awareness about social justice issues and enhance your societal impact.

Pauline Campbell

Author of Rice & Peas and Fish & Chips

My association with The Athena Advisors dates back to the onset of the Covid epidemic which coincided with the publication of my book Yellow Star – Red Star.  I asked my friend Robin Heller if her company could help with publicising my new book.  Our association soon developed beyond this initial brief: I discovered the value of discussing with Robin my work in addressing schools, universities and other institutions, drawing lessons from my experience as survivor of the Holocaust and Communist tyranny and as a woman engineer.  Imaginative and highly ethical, Robin and her team of The Athena Advisors have provided me with expert advice, professional guidance and administrative support.  Well connected, they have enabled me to extend my activities beyond the UK and Europe to countries overseas. Helpful and always efficient, they have allowed me to meet the punishing intellectual, emotional and physical demands of an ever-widening range of engagements.  Now in my early 90s, with their support I am working as hard as ever, building new links and associations across borders and through religious boundaries, demonstrating the evils of discrimination and advocating fairness and social justice.  

I highly recommend working with The Athena Advisors if you are a writer, academic, researcher or educator seeking to raise awareness of the evils of prejudice and the need to build a fair, just and civilised society.

Dr Agnes Kaposi MBE, FREng, Dipl. Ing., Churchill Fellow

Author of Yellow Star - Red Star