APRIL, 2020

We are seeking our fourth Racing Upwards fellow at RHI. This is a paid fellowship focusing on people from communities of color who want to add new fundraising skills to their portfolio. Past fellows have been come from all kinds of backgrounds: a mid-career advancement professional at a university; a major giving officer at a large nonprofit; a staff member of a large school system adding completely new skills in fundraising.
Why have we chosen this uncertain time to host this three- to six-month fellow once again? Because at times of uncertainty, philanthropy can add precious, fast resources to nonprofits. And that’s where fundraising comes in. Frankly, it is a very busy time for our firm, working with outstanding clients doing important work to create a better and more just world. We’d like to have someone join our team, with a clear list of things he or she wants to learn. The assignments will support those learning goals.
Why do we focus on communities of color? Because we want to support people of color rising in the ranks, into the C-suite of nonprofit organizations. I know from experience that professionals who know about fundraising are better prepared for any position in a nonprofit—including the CEO position. In particular, those in the C-suite help shape the programming, the budget, and the strategy of a nonprofit. That’s where we need an inclusive workforce. That’s why we want to share our skills and opportunities more fully. Professionals highly placed in a nonprofit also help identify board members. We seek to support more professionals of color who can weigh in on those vital choices.
What do our fellows do? They create their own education plan and then work with our clients on everything from environmental scans, prospect research, data analysis, and preparation of reports. The focus is on learning but at the conclusion of the fellowship, there is a real portfolio of activities for the resume.
This fellowship is a small way to contribute to the equity, inclusivity, and diversity of our nonprofit sector. Please share the word about the fellowship or consider applying yourself.